AREF Investment Group

AREF Investment Group, established in 1975, is a Kuwaiti Closed Shareholding Company where Mr. Fahad Al Baker is a shareholding partner in Syria. AREF is considered to be amongst the leading investment institutions in the region with their focus on investments in various sectors and activities. The success of AREF has been achieved through developing and nurturing local, regional and international partnerships.

Kuwait Syrian Holding Company (KSHC)

Kuwait Syrian Holding Company activities include shares acquisition of Kuwaiti and foreign shareholding companies, lending to companies of which it owns part of their shares, obtaining industrial equity rights, purchase of properties and the utilization of available financial surplus by investment.

Where Mr. Fahad Al Baker is a a board member. Their main objective is to identify investment opportunities in Syria, where KSHC explores high quality economically promising projects in real estate, banking, insurance, hospitality and transportation sectors. The company offers co-investment rights to its shareholders and invites them to invest with KSHC