Berain is one of the leader in the bottled drinking water market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by using the best technologies available worldwide and adopting the same stringent quality standards as used in the most advanced bottled drinking water factories in the world; then offering an ideal product to local consumers thanks to modern technologies like artificial Intelligence, machine learning, latest methods of water purification and control of all components. Hence, it was only natural for Berain water to obtain more than 12 international and local quality certificates guaranteeing the efficiency of its water production and full conformity to the highest international specifications and standards.

Ultra Water

Ultra water is one of the fastest growing water brands in Jordan and the Middle East. It has gained its reputation as the first company in the region that produces pure, sodium-free bottled drinking water.

With the Arab world becoming more and more aware of health issues, especially drinking pure healthy water, Nature Company has taken the lead to provide this region with a unique high-quality salt and mineral-free drinking water.

Ultra Bottled Water is recommended by doctor sand nutritionists all over the world for its purity

Masafi Water

Established in 1976, Masafi is a regional favorite and is the gulfs leading producer of mineral water. As well as offering a variety of mineral water types, the Masafi portfolio also includes a range of popular juices and tissues.

Speyside Glenlivet

An exceptionally pure and premium natural mineral water, Speyside Glenlivet comes bottled from its source of the Crown Estate in Glenlivet, Scotland. Speyside Glenlivet has won gold and silver medals from The British Bottler’s Institute in recognition of its excellence, quality and design.


Hamidiye Spring Waters began in 1902 by Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Abdul Hamid II for the purpose of providing healthy and high-quality water to the people of Istanbul. Over 100 years later, today Hamidiye is in the position of sector leader in Turkey under the roof of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and exports to 28 countries in Europe, Middle East, America. Africa and Australia.


Since its inception in 1971, HiGeen has been a sector leader of hygiene, cosmetics and skin care in the Gulf and Middle East. The HiGeen product portfolio has grown to over 85 SKUs while its hand sanitizer has seen worldwide success and is currently distributed to over 40 countries across the globe.

Al Emlaq (Giant Industrial Group)

Al Emlaq, or Giant Industrial Group (GIG), is a company with home, fabric, and personal care products that can be found in most households throughout the Gulf and Middle East. Founded in 1991, Al Emlaq has grown from strength to strength since it formed and currently produces six registered brands with more than 40 variations that can be found in 25 countries around the world.


American-Jordanian company Cetris produces and distributes a highly efficient and easy to use multipurpose household cleaner and aims to set new industry standards for FMCG with its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, storage warehouses, central operational base and transportation fleet.

Firebrand BBQ Charcoal

Firebrand was born in 1995 out of a lifelong passion for BBQ and charcoal cooking. A proud, Australian family owned and operated business and the leading charcoal wholesaler, supplier and retailer in the country. Creators of the signature Briquette Charcoal and Premium Natural Hardwood Charcoal, Firebrand has a reputation for consistent and premium quality products.


Bar-Be-Quick, introduced in the mid1980-s, is a registered trademark of UK company Rectella International Ltd. Their premises support two production lines for Instant Barbecues and the packing of Instant Lighting Lumpwood Charcoal products. Bar-Be-Quick was the first UK charcoal supplier to obtain FSC certification for its charcoal products and recently became the first global supplier of Fairly Traded Charcoal


Corazzi was set up in Cremona in 1951, manufacturing and distributing a wide range of cleaning products for both household and professional needs. In addition, Corazzi provides an extensive range of non-woven abrasives, suitable for universal industrial practices. The firm is committed to the implementation of innovative fibers and creating a technological development in close harmony with environmental protection.